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Cheapest & Best Value Kiln Dried Logs For Sale Staffordshire

2m³ Crates of Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs for sale – £289 including VAT and Standard Delivery. Other delivery options include AM/PM delivery for £15 extra, or Saturday delivery for £60 extra

Our crates of kiln dried logs are incredible value for money. By stacking the kiln dried logs tightly into these crates it is possible to get 50% more wood than the same volume as loose or bulk bagged loads. In fact,  we can squeeze in the equivalent of 4 bulk bags into one of these far more efficient crates.

  • Birch is known for its sweet aroma and high heat output.
  • High quality kiln dried logs are perfect for immediate burning in stoves.
  • The benefits of kiln dried wood are considerable:
    • Generates greater heat output
    • Better fuel efficiency
    • More economical
    • Minimal stove and flue problems

Need Some Info? Call Our Dedicated Logs Hotline 01782 551 111

Standard Estimated Delivery Times are 24-48 hours

Kiln Dried Crate of Logs
Full crate dimensions: 2.07m x 1.14m x 0.86m (external)
Type: 100% Kiln Dried Birch
Log Length: 25cm
Moisture Content: 10-20%

When Will My Order Arrive?

With our “Select Your Day” service included free as standard, you won’t be left wondering when your order will arrive.

Simply select the exact day you wish your order to arrive at the final checkout stage, and we will schedule it for then.

Only the delivery dates available will be shown – it’s that simple. Standard delivery days are Monday to Friday which we require a minimum 3 working days after your order, or can be delivered  for an AM/PM slot or a Saturday slot at an additional cost. Being a standard pallet delivery service, your order will arrive some time between the hours of 9am – 6pm on your chosen day and we are not able to provide an estimated time of arrival, although drivers often call ahead to state they are on their way – please ensure the phone number you enter is the best number for the driver to contact you on.

We recommend someone be available all day to receive the delivery, however the driver will leave your order somewhere safe where possible if no-one is present.

What happens after I place my order?

We put your order together in our warehouse on a pallet, place a rain cover on top and then a full wrap to protect it from the elements and to ensure a safe delivery.

Once wrapped we arrange for the nationwide pallet distribution network TPN (The Pallet Network) to collect from us and deliver to your property using a local member near to you.

How will my order be delivered?

Important – please read the below section carefully. It is important to understand the limitations involved in delivering our goods and charges may apply in cases were drivers are unable to deliver.

Under normal circumstances your order will be delivered on an 18t vehicle with a tail-lift. The driver will unload your order with a pallet pump truck and place it where you request where possible.

The vehicle requires clearances of 3M (10ft) in width and 5m (17ft) in height to access your property (this includes overhanging branches etc). If you have an extremely narrow road or difficult access, we recommend calling us beforehand to check if we can deliver to your home. We will be honest and recommend not ordering if we believe your delivery could be problematic.

If you have a gravel drive, an uneven surface or there’s a lip between the road and your driveway, the driver will likely have no choice but to leave the pallet kerbside.

Under no circumstances can we deliver if the vehicle has to park on an incline/decline or hill to off-load – as the goods weigh up to 1000kg, it is impossible to push/pull and unload the pallet off the vehicle due to the increased forces and safety risks involved; the vehicle must be able to park on a flat surface or road to perform a successful delivery.

If unsure, please contact us to discuss further. Normally on smooth, flat locations or driveways the driver can unload and push your pallet right in to your garage however this is not guaranteed due to public liability and health and safety policies your local haulier may have in place.

The drivers are not authorised to touch or unload any of your items from the pallet itself, nor can they take the pallet away.

Please note we only 100% guarantee kerbside delivery – if delivery is refused on the basis that the driver states delivery can only be made kerbside and you deem that unsuitable, we can refund and return your order however all costs incurred in delivering and returning the order would be deducted from your total refund. This also applies if there isn’t adequate width and height clearances and the driver is unable to access your property or perform a kerbside delivery due to any restrictions or limitations.

Is a signature required – do I need to be there for delivery?

We understand if you’re not able to be there for delivery, therefore it’s not a requirement. By default, if no-one is present the driver will leave your order in a safe place where possible. The pallet delivery members nor ourselves could be liable should anything happen to your order after delivery.

What if there’s a problem?

Should anything go wrong with your delivery, please contact us straight away by e-mail [email protected] or phone 01782 551111 and we’ll do all we can to provide a solution that’s 100% to your satisfaction. We’re here with an aim to provide the easiest, most safest and efficient way of providing customers in the UK with firewood that’s consistent – we are here to support you before, during and after your purchase.

Buying Firewood Logs in Bulk – A Quick Guide

If you’re new to buying firewood logs in bulk or aren’t sure what the best options are for you, we’ve put together a quick guide to make things easier

– If you’ve recently had a stove installed or you’re new to buying kiln dried firewood

If you’re new to wood burning and aren’t sure how much you’ll need, it entirely depends upon how you intend to use your stove. Always remember, with kiln dried logs, less is more. Use 3-4 logs and a handful of kindling to get your fire going, and only feed 1-2 logs once the logs have broken down in to glowing embers – this is the most efficient and economical way of using your log burner.

If you intend on using your burner day and night, or more intensively, one should get you through the winter, however some of our customers with multiple stoves do go through 2 full crates per season with intensive use.

– If you’re used to buying “ton” bags

Generally speaking, a “ton” (or builders bag) is approximately 0.9m3 in volume. In comparison with our crated firewood our 2m3 Crate is the equivalent to almost 4 “ton” bags! When you consider the value of crated firewood by far exceed loose-filled bags.

– If you’re used to buying kiln dried logs in nets or small bags at supermarkets, garages etc

Often during winter you can find kiln dried logs in stores such as Tesco, BNQ, Aldi, Home Bargains, petrol stations etc – normally they are sold between £5-8 depending on if they’re on offer or not. The moisture content of the vast majority of these logs are stated as below 20% or 30% – this is the external moisture reading which can differ greatly when further in to the logs themselves, and there’s little consistency even with the same brands – you may pick up a good batch one time, and the next just smoulder giving off plenty of smoke and very little heat. In addition to this, invariably inferior hardwoods are used and more commonly softwoods, leading to fast-burning fires that require constant feeding.

Prefer to speak to someone? Call free for friendly advice any time Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm or Saturdays 7am – 12pm 01782 551111

Returns, Refunds & Cancellations

If you are not satisfied with your purchase in any way, we’re here to help and solve any issues you have immediately.


We are happy to cancel any order for any reason providing it hasn’t yet been dispatched – please be aware that our courier normally collects orders at around 4pm Monday to Friday, therefore under normal circumstances we can only reasonably cancel an order if we are notified within 2 hours of dispatch. If you have ordered in the afternoon Monday to Friday, we strongly urge customers to call our office to speak to us immediately. This way we can action a full refund and ensure your order doesn’t go out for delivery.

Returns for any reason (even if you just changed your mind after delivery!)

You have 14 calendar days to return any order from the date you received it for any reason.

To be eligible for a return, the order must be in the original packaging in the same condition the courier left it. You will be liable for the costs in returning the order if there’s nothing wrong with it, however we can arrange the collection through our pallet courier provider to minimize your costs.

Returns or refunds for damaged items etc

If there is something wrong with your order that shouldn’t be, we are happy to refund you in full and collect your items at no cost to yourself. If there is just a slight problem or issue, equally we are happy to work with you for a partial refund or a small amount of compensation depending on the nature of the problem and if you are generally happy with the rest of your order. It’s very rare things do go wrong, but we will always work to fix them until our customers are 100% satisfied.

We stand by our products 100% and are always happy to work with customers when things go wrong – we want problems resolving as much as you do and believe in treating customers fairly.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding returns, refunds and cancellations, please e-mail us at [email protected]

Pricing & Delivery – Hotline 01782 551 111

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Cheapest Kiln Dried Hard & Softwood Logs Staffordshire

Cheapest & Best Value Logs For Sale Staffordshire. Premium Kiln Dried Logs, Standard Hard & Softwood Logs, Netted Bags Of Kindling and more. Order NOW! Via our Online Shop.